Shakis Drummond – Communications Vice President

Shakis Drummond has been part of the League for 2 (full) years, currently in her 3rd year. Shakis has been on Communications Council serving as the IT Chair and Communications VP. She likes being the Communications VP because it allows her to step outside of my comfort zone and really lead a team of such smart, talented ladies. 

Shakis Drummond does so much, she needs a vacation! She develops online courses as an Instructional Designer for Savannah College of Art & Design’s eLearning Department. On the weekends she is a Caregiver to an elderly lady, and she is a Social Media Evaluator. I do all of that while slowly building my virtual business, Ready, Set, Done! LLC. 

Shakis is originally from Long Island, NY. She met her loving boyfriend, Lewis while in Savannah. Shakis enjoys being a part of the League, and attending CrossFit and Yoga classes. She does enjoy doing adventurous activities like jumping off a cliff in Cabo San Lucas. A fun fact is her name means “God-like Child”.