Brooke Lozier — Executive VP

Brooke Lozier was consulting full time when she moved to Savannah in 2011. In 2013, she co-founded a company called Clinical Consulting Consortium. While living in Savannah, she wanted to meet new people and create roots in the community; a fellow League member, Kristen Murphy, was a friend from Northern Virginia that introduced her to the League. During her time in the League, Brooke has had the privilege of chairing Ronald McDonald House, as well as serving as Provisional Advisor, Provisional Chair/Chair-Elect, and Membership VP. However, being a provisional was quite enjoyable since she is usually guiding people on “what to do and when to do it”—she took great joy on being on the receiving end: “where do you want me and what time?”

This year, Brooke serves as the Executive VP. Her goal is for committee chairs to be able to lead more efficiently and effectively through the development of thoughtful processes while engaging their committee members.