Jennifer Grafton – President-Elect

Jennifer Grafton is a freelance management accountant who joined the League to meet like-minded women who were willing to give their time to serve others, either through community projects or membership development and leadership. During her time in the League, she has learned the reality of a lesson her grandfather began teaching her when she was in college: “Always consider the position/frame of mind/situation of others.” She believes that this can be applied to committee members, leadership, and even project stakeholders in the community. Jennifer’s biggest goal this year in the League is to meet her Thrift Sale quota!

Jennifer currently has three bichon frise pups and a hamster named Juliette Gordon Low. Earlier this spring, she nursed an orphaned squirrel for a month! When asked if she could meet anyone past or present who would it be, Jennifer said, “Justin Timberlake or John Legend, because I am a music lover. And one time John Legend liked my tweet! That was a pretty epic moment for me. And they are both pretty cute to look at, in my opinion.”