Junior League of Savannah joins National Training Collaborative

In 2021, a visionary idea took root within the Junior League community, one that now unites Leagues across the nation – the Training Collaborative of Junior Leagues. As women driven by a shared mission to cultivate leadership skills and foster impactful community engagement through volunteerism, collaboration, and training, we recognized a common challenge: the need for comprehensive, year-round training opportunities for our members.

This realization was catalyzed by our counterparts at the Junior League of Orange County, CA. They reached out to fellow Junior Leagues worldwide and discovered a resounding “yes” to the training conundrum. In response to this shared need, the Training Collaborative of Junior Leagues was born.

The 2023-2024 Training Collaborative comprises 26 Junior Leagues from across the globe, united by a singular objective: to deliver enriching and purposeful training experiences for our combined 8600 members. This year, our overarching theme centers on “Advancing Nonprofit Leadership.” Each League within the Collaborative is tasked with organizing one virtual training session focused on this theme, open to members from all participating Leagues. Our training opportunities this year encompass:

  • Mastering teamwork and leadership fundamentals.
  • Effective project management in the nonprofit sector.
  • Navigating and optimizing mentor-mentee relationships.
  • Promoting diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging.
  • Identifying and nurturing emerging leaders.
  • The art of storytelling.
  • Advocacy for community impact.
  • Building robust professional networks.
  • Cultivating civic connections and influence.
  • The art of delegation and seamless transitions.

Dedicated training teams in each League are actively honing their skills in event planning, speaker selection, and logistical coordination. Every training session is meticulously recorded and made accessible to members across all Leagues, ensuring inclusivity in our pursuit of knowledge. During the 2023-2024 League year, each League can contribute up to 26 training opportunities while only shouldering the responsibility of planning and executing one. This collective approach empowers us to work smarter and more efficiently.

The Training Collaborative of Junior Leagues has attracted world-class trainers, inspirational speakers, community leaders, nonprofit visionaries, and enterprising entrepreneurs. We are committed to delivering engaging and impactful training experiences to all 8600 members of the Leagues within our Collaborative. Together, we are extending our reach beyond our individual Leagues, forging connections and networking with members from around the world. We understand that our strength lies in unity.

If you are a Junior League interested in learning more about the Training Collaborative or wish to contribute as a speaker or trainer, please reach out to us at training@jlocc.org.

For women eager to explore the possibilities of joining the Junior League of Savannah, please connect with us at membership@jrleaguesav.org.

We are thrilled to embark on this collective journey of empowerment, growth, and collaboration. Together, we are stronger than ever before.